Kingdom Partners Studies

The Kingdom Partners program is a part of the Kingdom Citizens campaign. It emphasizes the importance of stewardship for the disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ.  The Kingdom Partners program is powered by the 33 Days of Stewardship event.


Date Title/Summary Slides (PDF)
10/24/19 A review of the Kingdom Agenda study. Click Here
10/31/19 A review of the Kingdom Citizens Campaign and the Kingdom Partners program Click Here
11/07/19 A general study of stewardship and preview  of the 33 Days of Stewardship program Click Here
11/13/19 A study of Law #1: The Law of Rightful Ownership Click Here
11/20/19 A study of Law #5: The Law of Hilarious Generosity Click Here


Living God’s Kingdom Agenda

God has four relationships-four covenants through which He runs His kingdom agenda: the individual. the family, the church, and the government.

When these four entities are in proper relationship to Him and proper relationship to one another, order replaces chaos, calm replaces confusion, and all of life is lived the way the King intended it to be. When you and I run all of our existence through those relationships based on His Divine rule and authority, now you don’t have hope to live, you can experience life because you are living life under divine rule.

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One Nation Under God

If an individual’s life is in disarray, God has a solution for it; if a family’s life is in disarray, God has a solution for it; if a church is in disarray, the same God has a solution for it.

What happens when a society is in chaos?

God doesn’t change his authority or his kingdom governing guidelines. Government is supposed to be a ministry of God for the expressed purpose of maintaining a safe, just, and righteous environment for people to flourish. It is when people decide that they want to govern themselves independent of God that society breaks down and chaos rules.

It is only as God is returned to the centerpiece of a society that people are
governed in the way God intended them to be. It is critical that governments keep God in.

Let’s see what it looks like when government is under His rule.

One Church Under God

America has embassies all around the world. An American embassy is a little bit of America a long way from home.

God has an embassy in history-its called the church. And the church is supposed to be a little bit of heaven a long way from home. It should be a place where the values of eternity are lived out and modeled in history so history sees what eternity looks like when eternity is operating right in its midst. If churches exist only for inspirational weekly meetings, nice sermons, and great songs but it never becomes the legislative agency it’s supposed to be then it will never impact the world as it was put here to do. let’s find out what the church is really supposed to do when it represents the Kingdom of God.

One Family Under God

The saga of a nation is the saga of its families written large. You see, whoever owns the family owns the future. We are living in a day when people do not clearly understand the reason why family was created. It wasn’t just for our happiness, just for our fulfillment, or just for our offspring, it was done for the King to have dominion in history thru the
institution of the family. Everything else was to be a benefit, not the reason for the existence. Whenever the definition of the family leaves out the Creator, chaos replaces calm, misery replaces what the Master had in mind.

When you re-attach the family and its meaning to the King and His kingdom, now the home takes on a whole different meaning and operates on a whole new level.

Let’s look at what the Kingdom Agenda looks like in the home…

One Life Under God

Do you know why in the world you are here? Do you know why you were created-what you were created for? Or are you just living a life passing time without rhyme or reason of your divine design?

The King not only has created you, He has created you with a purpose; He has created you with a reason for being, a divine design and a divine destiny.

If you discover what the king had in mind when He made you, not just to live out a purpose-less life but a purposeful life, then you’ll understand that life does have meaning and that you have a reason for getting up every day because God almighty has a plan for your life.

The kingdom agenda is designed to help you understand your divine design-your gifts, your talents and skills, and how God can use the good, the bad, and the ugly to give you a life worth living.

Let’s find out what this calling and purpose is all about…

The Foundation of God’s Kingdom Agenda

Did you know that there is a key…that unlocks the door to life? Life the way it was meant to be lived?

An agenda – an agenda from your Creator and mine, for living life His way so that life becomes worth living?

Its called the Kingdom Agenda. It is the visible demonstration of the comprehensive rule of God over every area of life. Its life as the creator meant it to be!

There are many agendas out there; there are racial agendas and economic agendas and political agendas and cultural agendas, but then there is the Kingdom Agenda, the rule of God. I don’t know what agenda you’re on, but if its not on the agenda of the king and his kingdom, then its the wrong plan and the wrong program.

I’m excited to be able to share a divine perspective from the king about his kingdom to his subjects so that we can live life, experience life, the way God created it to be.